The Global War for Talent


workersFrom many businesses all over the world many influential and concerned figures are voicing their opinions regarding the issue of talent shortage.

Initially this may seem difficult to believe as we have heard about high unemployment rates are still common in some countries and in areas of countries that have an overall good rate of employment. Looking behind the scenes we find that business life is changing and many new challenges face today’s employers.

Today it is not enough to be successful in the short term.

Long-term sales success and revenue growth requires consistent, outstanding performance that is unique in the eyes of your customers. Today’s businesses have to be at least one step ahead their competitors. In other words you need to be better, faster and/or cheaper and offering high value to the customer.

This goal becomes more challenging due to growing market transparency intensified by the technological development, especially the distance decreasing information and product treasure chest that is the Internet. Considering that your unique idea will be visible and easily reproducible by your competitors within a short period, the necessity to differentiate becomes essential to survive.

Consequently, the importance of clever and complex ideas and strategies developed by clever and talented high potentials rises.